This item was published in the 50th Anniversary booklet in 2014. It is shown in its entirety, despite some of the comments concentrating solely on the parish community and not mentioning the church building.

For many young people in our parish, St Bride's is the only church they have known. Some of our altar servers give their thoughts on St Bride's - both the church building and the parish community.

When I come to St Bride's I feel comfortable. The building is very large but this makes the singing loud. Rhiannan Cope

It doesn't look like a church (from the outside) but it feels holy inside. Lucy Maxwell

St Bride's is a lovely, pleasant, comforting place. I always feel safe within the church. Madeline Campbell

The building lacks colour and warmth but this comes from the people who are very inviting and caring. Maria Starkey

The church building on the outside looks uninviting, inside it is airy and has a feel of calm serenity. It is peaceful and still. Catriona Kerr

The church community are warm and inviting but the church itself is cold because the heaters are too high up. Euan Kerr

When I look out it is really nice to see everyone praying and singing together. Sophia Guidi

It is a peaceful church, where you can pray together or be alone with God. Eva Guidi

I have witnessed some great events in the parish including: First Holy Communion, Confirmation celebrations and John McGarry's deaconate service. Rebecca Martin

I like being part of St. Bride's because I often see friends from my school and street and this makes me feel happier at mass. Matthew Thomson

It is a wonderful place filled with wonderful people and it brings so much joy and happiness into my life and so many others. Olivia McMillan

I like the inside of the church building because it is simple and with the altar being the centrepiece, this helps me to concentrate on the mass. Alex Dalton

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