Parishioner Chris Carr has set up both a facebook page and a twitter account. These are, as he writes, "Charting the progress of the renovation of St Bride's - EK, one of the finest post-war ecclesiastical buildings in the UK."

These pages can be accessed by the following links:



Chris can be contacted by e-mail at the following address:

The pages are updated every now and then, and they are well worth visiting, even if you were only to look at the interesting pictures. All the pictures in the main body of this page have all been copied from Chris's pages.

This third picture will be of particular interest to parishioners. It shows an image of the architects' model for the building and even a casual glance reveals that quite a few changes were made before the design was completed.

One which stands out is the cross, sitting at the top of the sole light cannon. When work was completed there was no cross on the outside of the building and this was a talking point for many years thereafter.

It exercised the mind of one late, much-missed parishioner so much that he employed builders to erect a cross while our Parish Priest of that time was away on holiday. Unluckily for the parishioner, our Assistant Priest was not on holiday and he put an end to the scheme. So, until late 2017, our church remained without an external cross.

Then on 1 December 2017 we had a cross installed! It is shown in this fourth picture.

No doubt its design will be liked or disliked as is that of the church building itself. However, as our old parishioner would probably have said, the important thing is that we now have a cross. Our church is now marked as a place of worship, and for that we are thankful.