Canon Ryan’s Jubilee

Gathered here are memories of Canon Ryan’s Golden Jubilee.

A Golden Canon

Father Gerry Bogan warmly reflects on Canon Ryan’s priesthood and his influence on the Parish of St Bride’s.

Constancy Was Its Own Reward Already

A view from the pews: Lynn Toner’s appreciation of Canon Ryan’s life of service to God and St Bride’s.

From Canon Ryan’s Baby Brother

Canon Ryan’s younger brother, Nicholas’ affectionate views from County Sligo.

From Canon Ryan’s Baby Sister

Canon Ryan’s younger sister, Marie’s loving tale from childhood in County Sligo.

Quinquaginta Anni: Semper Fideles

Neil Gill’s toast to a man held in such great affection by his parishioners.

Please click here to see pictures of the Golden Jubilee Celebration

There’s more to read about Canon Ryan and St Bride’s in the celebratory edition of Whitemoss Chronicles.